Richard Dean Anderson, aka MacGyver / Stargate’s Jack O’Neill, is coming to FACTS!

Friday, March 11, 2016 — Richard Dean Anderson is a real hero to many. And with good reasons.

He’s the man who can probably escape Alcatraz and Guantanamo using only a paper clip and a wet napkin.

He’s also the man who can keep his cool against intimidating aliens in the faraway realms beyond the Stargate.

Impersonating the cool, Swiss Army knife-loving secret agent Angus MacGyver as well as the witty Stargate-soldier Jack O’Neill is not a small feat. And you will see that in real life, he is just as charming as the two characters combined.

Richard has also portrayed Ernest Pratt / Nicodemus Legend in the western-sci-fi series Legend (1995), David Smith in Fairly Legal (2011) and played roles in many other movies and series.

We are honoured to have the amazing Richard Dean Anderson as a guest for FACTS Spring Edition, on Saturday as well as Sunday.

Richard Dean Anderson will be available for photoshoots, Q&A panels and signing sessions on both Saturday (2nd of April) and Sunday (3rd of April) 2016. 

FACTS is the largest Comic Con show in the Benelux and will be held for the 26th time on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April, at Flanders Expo in Ghent. Each edition more than 45,000 fans gather at FACTS for two days to switch from the real world to the one of Fantasy, Comics, Action Heroes, Games, Anime and Toys.
With more than three hundred exhibitors, dozens of international stars and a unique Cosplay contest, FACTS is for the European fantasy fans, as one of our visitors called it, “not just a convention, it’s our special dimension!”

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