Superstar David Tennant is parking his TARDIS at FACTS Fall 2018!

Doctor Who / Harry Potter / Jessica Jones actor David Tennant is coming to Ghent in September!

Simply uttering the name ‘David Tennant’ is enough to bring a wide array of fans to a frenzy. This charming Scotsman is a huge star with an enormous fan base, which is fueled by his choice of roles (Doctor Who! Harry Potter! Jessica Jones! Broadchurch!), but also by his acting skills and charming personality.

First and foremost, David Tennant is and always will be the 10th Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who series, the actor responsible for fully rekindling the fire of the United Kingdom’s longest-running science fiction TV series. He beautifully held this role for 3 seasons and almost 5 years and reprised it multiple times, for several throwback episodes.

Fans could also see him shine in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Barty Crouch Jr., in the popular British crime series Broadchurch as protagonist D.I. Alec Hardy, and in Marvel’s/Netflix’ Jessica Jones TV series as the sinister Kilgrave, among many, many other productions. For his Kilgrave performance, David Tennant made it to the list of "40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time" of the renowned magazine Rolling Stone.

Besides his charming looks, the public also thoroughly got to enjoy David Tennant’s marvelous Scottish accent in multiple voice acting performances. Notable voice acting work by David Tennant includes Scrooge McDuck in the revamped 2017 DuckTales cartoon, The Fugitoid in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2015) and Huyang in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the gaming world, he has lent his voice to Drostan Hynd in Call of Duty: WWII and to the Propaganda Minister in Just Cause 3, among others.


David Tennant will be available on September 29, in Flanders Expo Ghent, for FACTS Fall 2018. He will be available for photoshoots, autograph sessions and panels on SATURDAY ONLY.

Also on the FACTS roster are his colleagues Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Star Wars, Disney,...), Jennifer Morrison (House M.D., Once Upon a Time, ...), and the voice of Super Mario, Luigi and other Nintendo characters, Charles Martinet (Nintendo). They will all be available on both days, i.e. September 29-30.

For a complete overview of the guest list (actors / artists / etc.), check this page: 

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Anthony Audenaerd Head of Media, FACTS
Anthony Audenaerd Head of Media, FACTS


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