Teen Wolf's HOLLAND RODEN is coming to FACTS Spring 2018!

Friday, January 12, 2018 — Holland Roden beautifully portrayed the main role of Lydia Martin in MTV's Teen Wolf series from the pilot episode in 2011 until the latest season in 2017. 

Holland Roden's character is known as a 'Banshee', a human or humanoid that can sense an imminent death, which makes her a useful asset to the protagonists' Teen Wolf pack. 

Lydia Martin almost instantly became a fan favourite among Teen Wolf fanatics and is especially known for her persistent nature, genious detective work and hilarious remarks.

Holland Roden was also seen in major series like CSI, Lost, Weeds, Grey's Anatomy and much more. 

Mrs. Roden is the second actor in the current FACTS Spring 2018 line-up, next to Lord of the Rings actor David 'Faramir' Wenham, announced in december.

We are happy to announce that actress Holland Roden will be available for signing sessions, photoshoots and Q&A during FACTS Spring 2018, on 7-8 April in Flanders Expo Ghent!

Jonathan Van de Velde Social Media Manager at FACTS