The famous YouTube star Kwebbelkop is coming to FACTS October 2017!

Dinsdag 17 oktober 2017 — Jordy van den Bussche, aka Kwebbelkop, is a popular YouTuber with almost 7.5 million subscribers. For reference: that is about the total population of Flanders and Brussels combined.

No wonder, because this Dutch youngster (°1995) is quite amusing. He uploads clips of himself playing a huge variety of video games, most notably GTA V, with his friends every single day. He's also hilarious with his 'offline' challenges and his reaction videos, in which he comments the most popular or most remarkable videos of the moment.

Kwebbelkop will also be playing the PC game Stick Fight on the eSports stage on Saturday. Not alone, of course! He will invite a few fans in the audience to play with him, live on stage!

Want to meet & greet Kwebbelkop and perhaps get his autograph? Then come to FACTS October 2017, in Flanders Expo, Ghent! He will be available on Saturday, the 21st of October.

Kwebbelkop Youtube Channel

Anthony Audenaerd Spokesperson at FACTS
Debby Wilmsen Press Officer at Diamonds & Pearls Communications